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Free Shipping Friday!

Order before midnight on Friday 17th June and receive Free Shipping on any order. Have a great weekend everyone! Simply type ‘Free Shipping’ in the coupon code section on the checkout page.


Order before 1st July and beat the price rise!

Due to an increase in operating expenses and the cost of raw materials, we regret to inform that we will be putting our prices up as of 1st July. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal Missy’s Bucket customers and also to say thank you for the lovely comments on […]


Got a Fussy Eater?

You’ve done your research, forked out your hard earned cash and after waiting for your supplements to arrive you head excitedly to the feed shed to make your horses new magic brew… WAIT! Before you jump in and throw the whole dose in on the first day, there are a few things you may want […]

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Exciting new range of supplements now available!

Just wanted to say a big Thank You to Dr Ann Nyland for entrusting her Seras Fix customers to Missy’s Bucket. Due to a hectic schedule, Ann has had to close the doors on her Supplement business Seras Fix and she has kindly asked me to provide her regular customers with the same tried and tested […]


Hoof Supplements – Does my horse need one?

‘No, your horse doesn’t need a Hoof Supplement! Your horse just needs a healthy balanced diet!’. Hoof tissue is highly metabolic, which means that it is very responsive to diet and systemic occurrences such as illness and exercise. Poor hoof quality is one of the most obvious outward signs that your horse is not healthy on […]

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Tips for feeding horses during winter

As you sit all cosy in front of your fireplace, you cant help but notice your horse huddled up under his tree or shelter with a miserable ‘I’m cold!’ look on his face. Apart from throwing on an extra rug, what can you do to help him feel better? Here’s a few tips to make […]


Horse Muzzles – tips and tricks for use.

It’s springtime and that grass just keeps popping up! You’re fat horse has been locked in the ‘jenny craig’ paddock now for weeks and he’s starting to get fed up, he might be missing his mates, walking the fence or just standing around looking a bit depressed. Or perhaps you are in denial and he’s […]


Linseeds for Horses

Sound principles of Equine Nutrition can sometimes evade the average horse owner, there are so many Equine Nutrition myths out there and the feeding of linseeds is no exception! First of all let’s get one thing straightened out… linseeds and flaxseeds and flax are all one and the same! The addition of linseeds to the […]