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LAMINITIS – Is your horse at risk?

DOMESTICATION Unfortunately, one of the biggest risk factors for laminitis and founder in horses is domestication. In the wild, horses will often cover very long distances looking for food and water and their digestive systems have evolved to be very efficient in obtaining energy and nutrients from sparse low calorie fodder. With domestication however, the […]

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Part 4 – Laminitis – The hooves will tell you!

Unfortunately, many of the following symptoms of Laminitis are considered normal. Many horse owners, even equine professionals, will ignore these symptoms unless the horse is actually lame. However, they can all indicate serious pathology in the hooves and be a sign of things to come. Assess your horses hooves for the signs of Laminitis and […]


Part 3 – Laminitis – Now for the REALLY interesting stuff – What actually happens inside the hoof?

It can be confusing for people to actually visualise what is happening inside the hooves of their laminitic horse, so we’ve drawn some pictures for you! But first, before we go into what’s ‘abnormal’ we need to have an understanding of what’s ‘normal’… So here’s a little info about  hoof anatomy. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it […]


Part 2 – Laminitis… What should I look out for?

Signs and Symptoms of Laminitis Not all the signs of Laminitis are obvious! Your horse doesn’t have to be standing ‘Camped under’ in the classic Founder Stance or have ‘aladdin’ slipper feet! Some of the signs can be subtle and easily confused with other common problems. Horse has adopted the ‘founder stance’ Horse has an […]