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I’ll sheepishly admit that I didn’t feed my horses for 6 months…

OK, so I wouldn’t normally admit something like this but I think I can get away with it here for two reasons… Firstly, I reckon I had a REALLY good excuse and secondly It provided me with some great evidence of why you should feed Missy’s Bucket every day!

Good one Zoe, nice experiment.

2014 was a busy one for myself and my family. My hubby works away a lot and as well as having a very busy toddler, I was also expecting my second baby in June. The pregnancy was difficult to say the least and we ended up having an emergency C-Section, needless to say, I didn’t get out to feed my ponies every day! Just to be clear they had ample amounts of good quality pasture, they just didn’t get their daily dose of Missy’s Bucket.

Along with health and family pressures I also (somewhat naively) agreed to co-organise the biggest equine hoof care conference in the southern hemisphere. The conference took place in November and was a huge success. But again, my ponies missed out on their daily minerals.

So why am I admitting this? See for yourself.

The pictures below clearly show the change in the quality of the hoof wall once I started feeding Missy’s Bucket minerals again. The yellow marker shows the hoof wall as it was at the Coronet Band in November (The Conference date!) and everything above the marker shows hoof wall growth once I started feeding Missy’s Bucket again.

So below the dot is no Missy’s Bucket, above the dot is Missy’s Bucket. You can clearly see the difference in the quality of wall. Below it’s dry, looks brittle and has small cracks. Above, it’s nice and moist looking with a healthy waxy coating, no cracks.

As always, our horses are our most influential teachers.