Missy’s Bucket – 3kg

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With high Copper and Zinc Levels and NO IRON, Missy’s Bucket works to appropriately balance the mineral ratio’s in the whole horses diet. One bucket will last the average 500kg horse 100 days.

Missy’s Bucket Mineral Mix – Is an exceptional value for money, high potency, trace mineral, vitamin, amino acid and antioxidant supplement for horses living on predominantly pasture and hay diets.

Formulated to supply the most commonly deficient minerals as a daily supplement, Missy’s Bucket is made with high quality, bio-available ingredients.

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A concentrated, high potency, three-in-one Supplement containing:

  • Trace minerals – Zinc and Copper
  • B Vitamins – Biotin
  • Antioxidants – Selenium and Vitamin E

Undoubtedly the best way to ensure your horse is on a balanced diet is to send a sample of your pasture or hay to the lab for a full nutritional analysis and then balance the diet accordingly. Unfortunately this is not a practical option for many horse owners.

Missy’s Bucket Mineral Mix has been developed to assist horse owners in this situation. Formulated as a daily supplement for diets where levels may be low, made with high quality, bio-available ingredients.’


Nutrition, trace minerals and the importance of a balanced diet.

The state of our horses hooves and coats directly reflect their overall health and nutritional status. Your horse may have a nutritional deficiency if it has:

  • Cracked, chipped hooves that look dry with poor hoof wall quality
  • Problems with thrush
  • Poor coat quality, dull and slow to shed
  • Skin conditions such as greasy heel and itching
  • Exhibits lameness and is tender footed
  • Metabolic disturbances such as Insulin Resistance
  • Muscle building issues
  • Unexplained poor performance
  • Behavioral issues, nervous and jumpy
  • Poor recovery from infection or other illnesses

Not only is it important that your horse’s diet meets his or her requirements, it is equally important that the nutrients and minerals are present in correct ratios.

Pasture and hay is commonly deficient in some trace minerals. Not so well known is that some pasture and hay also contains excessive amounts. Minerals often share absorption pathways, which means that excesses of one can result in what is known as a relative deficiency of another. For example:

  • Pasture and hay diets are typically very high in iron
  • Iron competes with copper for absorption
  • This results in a relative copper deficiency

In humans, excess iron has been associated with inflammatory conditions and metabolic disorders such as Insulin Resistance.

Unfortunately, commercial horse feed and supplement manufacturers often overlook this concept of relative deficiency. Many products while balanced as a product, don’t take the existing diet into account.



Missy’s Bucket Mineral Mix for horses is formulated with high levels of active ingredients.

Each 30g serving contains:

Zinc                  1200mg

Copper              400mg

Selenium           2mg

Iodine                2mg

Biotin                 20mg

Lysine                10g

Methionine         2.5g

Vitamin E            2000iu


Use Instructions:

2 scoops daily for the average 500kg horse

1 scoop daily for the average 250kg pony

(1 scoop equals approx. 15g)


Copper – Has a role in iron metabolism, bone development and maintenance of elastic connective tissue.

Zinc – Has a role in general growth and metabolism. Required for normal bone and cartilage development. Involved in maintaining the integrity of skin and mucous membranes, hair and hooves and in wound healing. Has a role in maintaining a normal healthy coat.

Lysine and Methionine – Has a role in normal protein synthesis. Aids liver in detoxification mechanisms.

Selenium – Has a role in preventing cellular oxidation. Necessary for normal growth and fertility.

Biotin – Has a role in general metabolism. Has a role in maintaining integrity of skin, hair and hooves.

Vitamin E – Is an antioxidant.

Iodine – Has a role in normal thyroid function. Is a component of thyroid hormones which regulate metabolic processes including hair growth.

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